When on the Trail, put your Flares where they belong.
In The Back Of Your Jeep?

Stock Fender Flares are Weak

Stock Fender Flares are prone to tire rub and trail damage and make your Jeep look weak.

TrailMods Off-Road Strength

TrailMods is based in Southern Utah where there is abundant public land, endless trails and national parks like Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon. We often enjoy taking a trail in our backyard and have put our real world experience into all our Jeep Mod products.

“When it comes to my Jeep, TrailMods Removable Fender Flares offer the best of both worlds. The outer flares are legal and safe, while still managing to look tough when I’m out on the road, and the inner flares are functional and convenient for off-roading. Plus, I can put them on and take them off in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t get any better than TrailMods.”  Dennis Wood – TeraFlex

“There are so many flares to pick from these days and none of them stood out until we found the Trailmods removable fenders. The design is definitely different, but from our point of view they were exactly what we were looking for and we love them!”  Jon Maib – C4x4.com

“Because of the new Utah laws where I have to cover my tires, I decided to purchase a set of TrailMods removable fender flares.” Brian – Avid Jeeper

TrailMods Removable Fender Flares

Get the tough and rugged look you want without having to sacrifice full articulation. No more tire rub on the trail and no more tickets or mud spray on the road.

1 Set Of Fender Flares = 2 Ultra Tough Styles

Each complete set of TrailMods Jeep Fender Flares comes with 4 ultra narrow (Street Series) and 4 full tire coverage flares (Crawler Series). The Street Flares simply clip into the Crawlers and you can quickly remove them when you want that super tough Crawler look. Being able to cover your tires means you can now pass safety inspection and prevent the costly tickets.

Install Flares in 1 Hour Or Less

On average it takes 1 hour or less to install a set of TrailMods Fender Flares. The Crawler Flare mounts on to the existing holes. The only cutting required is to remove the front fender support bracket. Watch the video below for more install details.

Fender Flare Components Showing Folded and Unfolded

Passenger Front Jeep JK Fender Flares

Driver Front Jeep JK Fender Flares

Driver Rear Jeep JK Fender Flares

Passenger Rear Jeep JK Fender Flares

How Much Are The TrailMods Fender Flares?

NOT getting a couple of tickets for improper tire coverage is all it takes to make the TrailMods Fender Flares pay for themselves. Having your tires covered when needed will also prevent mud and road salt spray from hitting the side of your Jeep and damaging the paint.

Ultra Narrow (Crawler) Fender Flares

Get that super tough Rock Crawler look with a set of ultra narrow Crawler Fender Flares from TrailMods. Includes flares and mounting hardware for all 4 tires.


Complete Set (Crawler+Street) Fender Flares

With a complete set of TrailMods Jeep Fender Flares you get to decide whether you want your Jeep to look like a Rock Crawler or a Tough Street Jeep.


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Be Unstoppable!

Stop letting your stock flares hold you back from bigger tires and your ability to go wheeling on more technical trails. You can install TrailMods fender flares on your Jeep and get the tires you want without the expensive lift. No more tire rub, fender flare damage or expensive tickets. Be Unstoppable!