Project Vulture

On our project Vulture, we have not replaced the original fender flares with aftermarkets because we had not found ones that fit with the desire of the build. There are so many flares to pick from these days and none of them stood out until we found the TrailMods removable fenders at the 2016 SEMA show. The design is definitely different and will most likely have a love/hate following. But from our point of view, they were exactly what we were looking for and we love them! Have a look at our video review and then stick around to read how easy these are to install.

Installation of the TrailMods fenders are pretty easy. Our only advice to you is to ensure you have a proper nutsert tool ready for the install of the rear fender deletes. If you don’t want to buy one, they can be made. Head over to Youtube and search for homemade nutsert tool.

The installation of the front fenders can be done in about a half hour or less as you simply need to remove your existing fenders by removing the bolts that hold the fender on and popping off the plastic tree tabs which you will not retain, so if you are not going to save your original flares, feel free to just rip the fender off. Once both the original outer and inner flares have been removed, you will need to remove the metal fender tab using a cut off wheel. Once that has been cut off, be sure you paint the metal so it doesn’t begin to rust in the elements. You can now put on the TrailMods fender deletes by simply pushing the tabs into the pre-existing holes on the body of Jeep. Complete the install by installing the provided nuts, bolts and washers into the remaining holes and tighten down.

The rear removal is similar to the front. You can take your time and remove the plastic clips properly or you can just bust them by ripping the fenders off. If you have not removed your inner fenders yet, you will need to remove the plastic trees that attach it to the body before trying to get the fender off. With the fenders off, you will now install the nutsert into the holes and use a nutsert tool to get them properly seated. We recommend that you confirm which holes they go in by using the TrailMods fender delete as a guide. This will ensure that you don’t accident place a nutsert into the wrong hole (don’t ask how we know). With the nutserts properly installed, you are ready to mount the rear deletes using the provided bolts and washers.

With all of the deletes installed, if you were patient and didn’t install any of the outer fenders, you simply need to line the tracks up and clip them into place. Like was said in our video, it will take some practice to take these on and off with ease, but the more we use them, the easier we have found it gets. The last thing you will need to do is clip the wire of your old side markers leaving enough wire to reach the plug and hook it up to the new side marker. These fenders give the Jeep a great look either with or without the full fenders on and we love the ability to configure our Jeep to whichever configuration we choose.