Jeep on red rocks
Trail Mods Fender Flare
Trail Mods Fender Flare over driver side tire
Trail Mods from front of jeep
Trail mods narrow flare from passenger side view
trail mods narrow flare from driver side rear view
Trail mods narrow fender flair
Trail mods fender flare product only

"Crawler Series" Narrow Flare Set For 2007-2017 JK & JKU Jeep Wrangler

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Lead Time: There is a 1-2 week lead time before product ships.

Paint Ready: The flares are paint ready. This means they have a light coat of black primer on them. You can install the flares with only primer or apply a top coat of paint.

"Crawler Series" is a narrow flare that can be mounted and used as is or you can purchase the Street flare to snap on and make your JK Jeep street legal. Whether you are crawling the rocks or the street a set of Trail Mods flares will give your Jeep the rugged and tough look you have always wanted. Crawler flares provide room for larger tires and no tire rub when your wheels are fully stuffed.

You may also consider purchasing new splash guards or you can try and customize your OEM splash guards to fit with the TrailMods flares.

The flares are paint ready. This means you may be able to see plastic molding lines as there is only a primer coat of paint. You can apply a top coat or mount the flares with only the primer coating.

The crawler series width measured from the side of the Jeep is 3 inches.

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